We've been helping everyday Australian residents save tax and build wealth for over 10 years. As a family-run company we truly understand the needs of ordinary families and how things can be so much better through understanding, detailed analysis and planning.


An essential element to building wealth is to pay less tax! However obvious this may sound to you, the truth is that most of you will be paying more tax than you really need to!

For some time now Australian Government tax legislation has made provisions for many of us to divert, what would otherwise be tax payments, into certain types of investments - this does not mean that you can simply spend this extra cash on whatever you choose. In order to help towards our future financial wellbeing the primary objective of these tax incentives is to enable us to be largely self-funded in our retirement and to enjoy the lifestyle we deserve!

As part of your personal strategic review we'll show you how this can be achieved.


Unless you've been living on the moon, you'll be well aware of what's likely to happen in our retirement years if we fail to plan better.

Advances in medicine and healthier lifestyles mean more and more of us can look forward to a long and active retirement. Whilst this is indeed something we can look forward to with enthusiasm, the stark truth is that most of us (statistics suggest as high as 95%) simply will be unable to fund anything like a reasonable retirement.

"Oh dear, that doesn't sound quite so enjoyable does it?"

To make matters worse (and it will) our growing retired population cannot rely on sufficient Aged Pension income as the number of people in work, to contribute, compared to those in retirement continues to diminish.


Did you realise that you can now manage your own Super funds? - most of us, by default, have our Super payments paid into what are known as "industry super funds". These funds are managed on your behalf and the fund managers decide where your funds should be invested! Oh and they charge you for their services too!

For a number of reasons these funds have been "under performing" in recent years, in other words you have been losing valuable future wealth! If you examine your Super fund statement you will see where your funds are being invested - this may not be the smartest investment "profile" for you or your future needs!

The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way, the alternative is SMSFs or Self-Managed Super Funds. Essentially this option, open to all, allows us to transfer our "industry" funds into our own SMSF (a special bank account at our chosen bank) and all future employer super payments paid here too.

You can simply keep your funds here in a high-interest account or you can invest your funds in certain asset classes. The benefit of SMSF investment is that they attract lower or no taxes! Let us evaluate how you can grow and/or utilise your Super funds as part of your overall investment strategy.


Almost all us will have a home loan of one type or another. We may also have loans for items such as a new car or new kitchen and even loans to help with school fees. Add a couple of credit cards to this mix and already we have a complicated debt situation.

Now, despite what our parents advised, some debts are actually good and, for many, can produce lasting wealth. Think for a moment about your or your parents' home loan - So it's paid for a long time but the results can be incredible! - just look at the value of the home against the remaining mortgage debt or the original price paid and you might decide that you or your parents are actually "sophisticated investors" - maybe you should have bought the property next door at the same time!

On the other hand some debts are not so good - for example borrowing money on a credit card for a night out at the casino may not be your wisest decision!

We all end up with a range of debts, it's just the way it is! - However our Debt Management specialists can examine your current debt levels and loans to ensure you are paying the lowest possible interest and that you are using the best financial strategy to pay these off as quickly as possible.

Can you take the chance that you may have choices that can change your financial situation? Sounds like a job for Future Security Australia


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